Going on vacation? Traveling for business? Book your pet a ‘stay-cate” with us. Our dedicated Boarding Staff gives personalized attention to each of our boarders. Whether you reserve a decorative luxury suite or a spacious run, we treat your fur-amily members with love.

We provide all the boarding essentials, including comfy beds. We also have hammocks and levels for cats to climb for fun. At night every pet gets a cozy blanket. All our boarding accessories and essentials are safe and healthy, so you don’t need to bring a thing.


Dogs staying with us are walked every few hours to ensure ample exercise and a restful night’s sleep. Please consider registering your dog in our Doggie Day Care program designed specifically for boarders. Our Doggie Day Care Counselor conducts a lot of fun activities in our indoor 2,500 square foot play area as well as outside.


  • Confirm Dates of Stay – drop off date and time and the pick-up date and time

  • Enroll in Doggie Day Care (exclusively for Boarders on Mondays-Fridays): Select and confirm dates for your pup to play. For more info and to register, see and complete our Doggie Day Care Packet.

  • Determine if your pet is getting a bath by our staff prior to departure OR a professional grooming

  • Pets MUST be up to date on all required vaccines and flea prevention. If not, we can administer during the admissions process

  • Please advise if your pets will have a multiple boarding arrangement (two pets of the same species and household sharing one suite)


At CHECK-IN: Anytime during your convenience during business hours

We will review the details of your pet’s arrangements, confirm the boarding dates, and have one of our Boarding Staff finalize the specifics of your pet’s stay, including:


Often an abrupt change of food can cause stomach problems. We suggest you bring your pet’s food in individual ziplock bags labeled with each boarding day (if your pet gets fed twice-a-day, label the A.M. and P.M. servings). Our Boarding Staff will daily monitor and record: food intake, pee, poops :-), and weight.


Bring medication in the original labeled container. Also double-check to make sure you have enough for the duration of your pet’s stay. If not, let us know at check-in so we can refill at that time.

Personal Items

We have plenty of comfy and fun boarding essentials, so in the interest and safety of your pet, we request that you do not bring chew toys, treats, blankets, or any personal items from home.

Boarding and Stress

Stress can be caused by change of environment or your pet may be missing the family. Our Boarding Staff is trained to recognize signs of anxiousness and stress and will immediately report them to a doctor.

Extending Boarding Arrangements

Plans change?  Just call us. We are usually able to extend the stay.

Check-Out: Before 2pm on the date of pick-up (or it is considered another day’s stay)

Please bring in your dog’s leash or cat’s carrier. At discharge time, one of our Boarding Consultants will go over the details of your pet’s stay and inform you of the last feeding, walk, and, if your pet is on medication, the time it was last administered.