Our Boarding Philosophy

We understand it can be difficult to leave your pet while you are away. Here at Eastport Animal Hospital and Wellness Center we designed the hospital with that in mind. Therefore, we offer a variety of individual sleeping accommodations to choose from. Whether it’s one of the decorative luxury suites or a spacious run, each of our guests are treated with love as if they were our own. We have a designated team to care for your pets during their stay. They are on a set schedule to be walked every few hours to ensure ample exercise and a restful nights sleep. As we all know, our days activity directly reflects our sleep cycle. Therefore, we have an option for Doggie Day Care during your pets stay with us. We built the hospital with an indoor 3,000 square foot play area along with an outside play area. To make your pets stay a pleasant one, you may opt to have your pet play in Day Care during their stay with us. Your pets happiness and safety is our priority during their stay with us. We had to put a “check-out time” in our computer program in order for us to accommodate a guest checking-out and a new guest checking-in. Therefore, your pet must be picked up by 2:00 on the day of check out unless it is considered an additional days stay.

Check-in Time: At your convenience during business hours

Check-out Time: Before 2:00pm (or it is considered an additional days stay)

Multiple Pet Boarding

(same household; two pets (same species) in one suite)

There are various reasons why most places will not allow more than one pet in any given area. We are one of the few facilities that not only allow multiple boarding due to our spacious suites, but actually honor your request to do so. Each and every multiple boarding arrangement is different. Multiple boarding varies greatly; based on the size, breed, personality, situation and personal observation for each of your pets. Although we allow multiple boarding, we do NOT recommend it. We will help you assess your own unique situation and guide you to the best appropriate outcome. We will only board dogs together that are from the same household. Please understand, your pets may act differently to his/her sibling when in an enclosed environment. We do not recommend dogs boarding together for more than two days, in which case, they get along perfectly on a daily basis while at home. We do not recommend more than two dogs at any given time in a suite. We do not recommend multiple boarding for dogs that are food aggressive or aggressive in nature. You will be required to go over every detail when making initial multiple boarding arrangements and you will need to sign a multiple boarding release upon check-in. The boarding release is to release us from any liability should your pets decide not to get along while boarding with us. While we encourage a fantastic stay for your pet, we always have his/her safety as our top priority. Please understand, your pets behavior may change during boarding and may become aggressive or territorial induced by a new environment, coupled with a smaller space than they are usually accustom to while at home. Please do not insist on this arrangement to save money, the few dollars you may save on boarding could be spent on a surgery to save one of your pets lives. Please think long and hard about this arrangement before requesting it. Feel free to call us to discuss your pets situation and the best arrangements for him/her during their stay.

Appointment Time

When making your initial boarding arrangements, please give the Front Desk Team Member as much information as you can about your pets stay. For example, if you could answer these questions up front, your check-in time will be minimal because your pets chart will be prepared before you arrive to save time during the check-in process:

  • Dates of Stay – drop off date and time AND a pick-up date and time
  • Is your pet going into Doggie Day Care – If yes, what days are you requesting (Boarding Day Care is offered Monday – Friday and is not available on the weekends at this time) please print out and fill out our Doggie Day Care Survey Packet and bring it in with you if you do not have a current survey within one year on file with us.
  • Is your pet getting a bath by our staff prior to departure OR are you opting for a professional grooming
  • Your pet MUST be up to date on all required vaccines or it will be administered during the admissions process
  • Your pet MUST have current flea prevention; if not, it will be administered during the admissions process
  • Please advise if your pets will have a multiple boarding arrangement (two pets within one suite)

Check-In Process

A Team Member at the Front Desk will go over your paperwork. If you were able to answer the questions outlined above at the time you made your boarding arrangements, your paperwork will be prepared for you by the time you arrive. They will reiterate the details of your pets arrangements and confirm the dates for boarding to ensure there aren’t any changes from the time you originally booked it until the time you have checked in. If you need a refill of medication please tell the Front Desk Team. Then a Boarding Consultant will go over the final details of your pets stay. We apologize if this process appears redundant, however, each area is capturing different elements to ensure your pet has a pleasant stay and is getting all the essentials that he/she has been enrolled in.


To ensure the best stay possible for your pet, please bring their food in individually wrapped zip lock bags dated for each day and labelled a.m. and p.m. if your pet gets fed multiple times during the day. It is our experience that an abrupt change of food can cause stomach problems, that coupled with a pet that is anxious, we are sure to experience an upset belly. Having their own food will keep your pet in the same routine as home and avoid potential stomach problems. Your pet is very closely monitored by our staff. Their food intake and their poopies ;-), urine and weight are tracked and recorded daily. In the past, we have had pets that stay with us whereby intentionally fasting, until their family returns…..we cannot allow this! Therefore, they may be offered our food as a substitute. If that still does not work, there have been instances where we served homemade cooked plain chicken with rice and/or pasta to ensure your pet has eaten. We will do this for the duration of your pets stay if deemed necessary. We will take good care of your family member during their stay with us!


if you’re pet is on medication, please be sure to bring it in the original labeled container. Also double check to make sure you have enough for the duration of your pets stay. You will asked a series of questions about your pet during the check-in process. This is the time to go over the medications and request a refill if needed.

Personal Items

We provide blankets and beds. Each and every boarding reservation comes with boarding essentials to make your pet comfortable. We have fun hammocks and things to climb onto for comfort and sometimes just for fun. At night every pet gets a blanket unless instructed otherwise by the owner. Since we have safe boarding essentials, we ask that you do not bring chew toys, treats, blankets or any personal items as they are not personalized and can become a danger. We cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items if you insist on bringing them. Please understand that your pet may act differently while boarding than at home. Personal items and chew toys are banned in the best interest and safety of your pet.

Boarding and Stress

Although we try very hard to keep your pet happy, stress caused by a change of environment is sometimes unavoidable. Your pet may be missing their family or uncertain about their new environment. We highly recommend boarding your pet in a familiar environment. If you are one of our clients here already, great! Your pet has been here before and knows familiar faces. If your pet is anxious by nature, he/she may become stressed during their stay with us. We can see signs of stress through your pets behavior and/or it may show up as loose stool. Again, your pet is monitored closely and our staff is trained to recognize these signs and report it to a doctor immediately. Our staff will make appropriate changes to alleviate any signs of stress per the doctors orders. Unfortunately, we cannot add Day Care without a consent, therefore, we highly recommend doing Day Care during your pets stay.

Extending Boarding Arrangements

If you find yourself needing additional boarding time, please call our office to request it with one of our Team Members at the Front Desk. Unless it is a heavy boarding week, we are usually able to extend the stay without having to move your pet to another location. If we are unable to accommodate comparable boarding arrangements for the additional stay, billing will be reflected as such for that duration of time.

Check-Out Process

Please bring in your pets leash when you pick up your pet. We have a skilled team of Boarding Consultants that are trained in caring for your pet. At discharge time, one of our Boarding Consultants will go over details of your pets stay. You will be informed of their last feeding, walking and if your pet is on medication, when it was last administered. First time boarders will receive a report card which will outline how they did while they were with us. It may offer some useful suggestions for next time. Please make sure you have all your belongings prior to leaving.