Day Care

About Our Boarding Doggie Day Care Program

While Your Away Your Best Fur-iend Can Play!


Here are some of our guests who are having a ball!




Doggie Day Care for boarders proves to alleviate stress and help dogs relax and sleep better at night. Although we walk your pet every few hours, we feel Doggie Day Care offers far more exercise, socialization, and a restful night’s sleep. Dogs are social animals by nature, and enjoy being part of “the pack.” The Doggie Day Care program provides a fun, safe, and healthy environment for your best fur-iend to interact with others under supervision of our Doggie Day Care Counselor.


Doggie Day Care Survey Packet gives all the details and you can print and complete the forms in advance to expedite your check-in process.  There is an initial socialization evaluation with Montauk, a very friendly golden retriever. If your dog is not comfortable in a social environment, we will provide the benefits of Day Care in a one-on-one session in our 2,500 square foot facility.