Come on in, and meet our groomer Karen!

We have an amazing professional groomer on staff. She grooms several days a week. As her schedule may change seasonally, please call our office to schedule an appointment. She is by far, one of the most patient and caring groomers we have ever had the pleasure of working with. She will listen to your needs and make appropriate suggestions that best fit the needs of your pet. We have a formal process in place at the time of checking in. She will fill out a form and give you an estimate for the grooming.

Benefits of Grooming within an Animal Hospital

Groomers can be very busy and at times are alone in their grooming shop. Here at our facility, our groomer just does the grooming on your pet. Then he/she is placed in an over-sized area with a blower on a cautious setting appropriate for the breed and constantly monitored by our highly trained staff while our groomer is doing her next client. There is always someone monitoring your pets safety and our Boarding Consultants are responsible for ensuring your pet has water and is walked during their grooming stay. This process allows our groomer to do what she does best and gives her the peace of mind while she is with her next client.

As our pets age, it is important to minimize their stress. Grooming can cause a great deal of stress especially on breeds that require consistent grooming. We recommend taking older pets, those with medical conditions or difficult to handle pets, to your veterinarians office if they offer grooming. Grooming at your veterinarian’s office definitely has its benefits. Here at Eastport Animal Hospital & Wellness Center our accommodations and grooming layout, actually minimize the stress on your pet. For starters they are in their very own private room while being groomed. It is only your pet and the groomer (unless she requires an assistant with your particular pet). All of our tables are lift tables, whereby your pet can walk right into the tub instead of being lifted off the floor raising the risk of injury. We always have additional staff available to help with your pet, should the groomer need additional assistance during your pets grooming. That is particularly important if your pet is older and/or has a medical condition. It is not uncommon for a pet getting groomed, to require immediate medical attention. We have a team of three veterinarians on staff, therefore, there is always a doctor available for a medical emergency.

Difficult to Handle Pets

Some of our family members just do not like to get wet, yet are in desperate need of a bath. Due to our highly trained staff and professional groomer, we always try to groom without using unnecessary tactics. Using a muzzle on a dog or anesthesia on a cat to be groomed is our last resort. If you know your cat is difficult from prior experiences or you just suspect that he/she will not be cooperative for a bath, it is important you tell us at the time you make the appointment. We are certainly not opposed to trying, however, you need to be open minded that it may not work and you will need to reschedule the appointment and get an estimate for sedation. We rarely use a muzzle on dogs. We prefer the multi-staff approach, which usually works for uncooperative dogs.

Professional Grooming vs. Staff Bath

There is a big difference from a professional groomer and a regular bath. All of our baths given by our staff always include; nails clipped and ears cleaned as does our professional groomer. The difference of having your pet professionally groomed versus a regular bath given by out staff is really about the needs of your pet. One may think that your pet, given his/her breed does not really need a professional grooming. Actually, your Golden Retriever can benefit from a professional grooming every few months. If you try it once, you will see the difference with a basic bath versus a professional grooming. If your pet requires hair trimming, we recommend you make an appointment with our groomer instead. My advise is if your breed is low maintenance and doesn’t really require professional grooming, only do it a few times a year, instead of monthly. I have a 7 year old Golden Retriever and I never felt the need to have him professionally groomed. I did it for the first time two years ago and I was amazed at the difference of his coat. He sheds so badly, but after being professionally groomed he did not shed nearly as much and that lasted for a few weeks. Also, she trimmed him so well in all the right places, he looked like a show dog! Now I groom him professionally a few times a year and just give him a bath in between his grooming appointments.

Routine Baths with Our Skilled Staff

Our skilled staff is trained to give a bath to any breed. Although it includes nails clipped and ears cleaned, it does not include any hair trimming. If your pet requires hair trimming, we recommend you make an appointment with our groomer instead. We ask that you discuss your pets history at the time you make the appointment. This will allow us to prepare for any special needs or accommodations that may be required. We have accommodated all sorts of different requests, so do not be shy in asking for what makes your pet most comfortable. Due to our challenging economy,we have decided to run bath specials throughout the year. We usually run them in the winter, spring and fall months. They are relatively inexpensive and our regular clients wait for the bath specials because it is a great deal! We always want our patients to be cared for, therefore, we run specials and cut costs wherever possible.